Go to the link below
  • Break into groups of two students.
  • Click on the World at War Database.
  • Click on Wars.
  • Click on World War II.
  • Each student will read one of two assigned sections on the site.
  • Read your selected section and take quality notes. You will be responsible for helping your partner understand this material.
  • #1- Overview: Terms to focus on include- Blitzkrieg, Radar, Battle of Britain, Operation Barbarossa, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Battle of Midway, Eastern Front, Stalingrad, Kursk.
  • #2- Consequences: Terms to focus on include- Eastern Front, Rise of the United States, Destruction, Atomic Weapons, Cold War, Soviet Buffer Zone (Client States), Limited War, Communism, End of Colonial Rule, NATO.
Be in a position to discuss this information with the class.
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