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#1: You are going to be reading two chapters from the list of attached files. Selected your top three choices, in order. Email them to me.
#2: Complete your journal entry on free speech. You should have completed the first two that are in bold. You should have written three specific examples of controversial speech. Take those three and write one page, sharing some of your thoughts on the challenges faced when confronting them. This is not an essay but you should write complete sentences.

#3: While you are completing the journal entry, which will be turned in today, I will match you up within groups. I will finalize the chapters that you are responsible for reading and share them with you. 

1st Hour Groups (WoK Readings)
#1: Grimm/Botfield/Kring/Podiak/Brunner 
#2: Maddux/Roth/Gittenger/Kizer/Wright
#3: Cincilla/Zlomek/Chaudhary/Wilson/ Kalleward/Alvarado
#4: Harpenau/West/Reder/Palmer/ Kumar/Ghantasala

6th Hour Groups (WoK Readings)
#1: Miller/R. Patel/Sunkara/Koh/Crawford/Arif
#2: Krawczyk/Pennell/Stroh/Sachwitz/Ford/Zafar
#3: Walsh/Ring/Gehringer/Pedraza/Kayser/Sonday

March 21 and March 22

Part One:
Read the following article. Explore a few of the links with it. Look in the news for related examples. Address the following questions in your notebook:

Should free speech be unlimited? Why/why not?
Where does our understanding of this concept (freedom of speech) come from - history, religion, reason, and so on?
How do other societies approach freedom of speech?
Where should the line be in permitting versus restricting free speech in a society? (How should this be determined? Who should determine it?)
How do we know where the line is between freedom of speech, and incitement of hatred?
Please list three specific examples of controversial speech. (Example- Westboro Baptist Church) Be in a position to explain the background of these examples and your thoughts on why they should be permitted or restricted.
Record your thoughts on these questions. We will discuss your thoughts (and specific situations related to this issue) Wednesday in class.

Part Two: Pick up your packet on the extended essay. Please read through it. Write down any questions that you have at this time.

Finally... In your notebook, record some thoughts about your first meeting with your adviser. What did you discuss? Where are you with your topic? Next steps? You get the idea.